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Hoşgeldin, Misafir
Üye Adı
(Kayıt Ol)
Son Üye: yzihic
Bugün: 14
Dün: 11
Toplam: 17395

Şu An Bağlı:
Ziyaretçi: 95
Üye: 0
Toplam: 95

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02: 176.54.99 xxx
03: 191.101.6 xxx
04: 188.116.4 xxx
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08: 141.8.142 xxx
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10: 95.108.21 xxx
11: 5.255.253 xxx
12: 37.9.113. xxx
13: 95.108.17 xxx
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21: 66.249.76 xxx
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38: 37.9.113. xxx
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95: 5.255.253 xxx
Kadikoy Abomination: DIABOLIZER
Kadikoy Abomination Torchbearers of diabolical abomination unite once again in the blood-paved streets of Kadıköy. Diabolizer bring forth the impending domination of infernal tyranny, embodied in the tightest form of skullcrushing Death Metal. Their promo "Shadows Of Impending Decimation" is just a sample of darker days of death and destruction ahead. The band is going to come with the first full-length to crush your skulls more and entombing you alive soon!!!

Bandcamp Page

Facebook Page
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 30.06.2014 Saat: 19:43
(Read More... | 841 byte kaldı | Puan: 5)
Kadikoy Abomination: HELLSODOMY
Kadikoy Abomination Unholy and perverted black-thrash craze occured in a form of an extremely evil and immoral in 2011 in Kadıköy. Raping the holy themes by the force of devil, this madness was named as Hellsodomy. Behind the sacrilegious themes, the members of Godslaying Hellblast inspirited the band to declare the filthy invader sounds in energetic and obscure structure. Their horrific catchy ambience in various tempo changes from the blasphemic foggy darkness to the relentless speeding up is quite addictive. Hellsodomy delivers four raw and dirty tunes straight from hell and pure anti-religious aggression with their first demo tape that was released by Danish label Deadbanger Productions in 2014. Black thrashing death of holocaust!!!

Bandcamp Page

Facebook Page
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 30.06.2014 Saat: 19:38
(Read More... | 1147 byte kaldı | Puan: 5)
Kadikoy Abomination: ENGULFED
Kadikoy Abomination Old school Death Metal domination straight from Kadıköy hell, featuring members from Decaying Purity, and Deggial. Engulfed are eager and ready to pull your weakling soul into the sulphurous depths of fucking hell !!!

Their debut ep "Through The Eternal Damnation" will drag you into the torture chamber of satan without the hope of ever being resurrected. Prepare for 25 minutes of godlacerating nailgun sodomy!! The 12" LP "Through The Eternal Damnation" was released by Me Sace Un Ojo in 2013. Cd version was released in October/November 2012 on Hellthrasher Productions.

Official Page

Facebook Page
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 30.06.2014 Saat: 19:32
(Read More... | 974 byte kaldı | Puan: 5)
Kadikoy Abomination: DECAYING PURITY
Kadikoy Abomination In 2005, the atrocious lesson of brutal death metal was established in Kadıköy, İstanbul. Under the key influences they were inspired from the old days of Florida death metal, today’s USA death-grind and European brutal death metal that was influenced from American style, band gathered these elements with a unique grimness. In the 2000s, seriously the first brutal death metal band in Turkey, because the sound they created is quite intended for international underground scene. After they released the first demo in 2006, their pestilent compositions as a result of hard work brought the first full-lenght named “Phases Of Dimensional Torture” through Spanish label Grotesque Records. The result was a total massacre feast with blood-vomiting grunt vocals, torturing technical-oriented and maniacal drumming, obscure various riffs of chugging by saw-like guitar sound, breakdowns and ripping tempo changes that were presented under a diseased artwork of sadism which reflects the band’s style very well. The first homicide performing abroad the country was Atina, Greece in the same year. While they were preparing for more hellish and solid album, the two members of the band were also included in old school death metal band Burial Invocation. In 2011, it was enough to realize the level of second massacre from the naked babes who have been the victims of demons, and the result was “The Existence Of Infinite Agony” with grandiose artwork again. This time tracks were structured on a more malignant basis and goregrind influences were less than the first one. Like the punch on your skulls, album contains great technical riffs in pure harshness and you can hear some of old school passages in the rhythms supported by excellent bass work and agile drumming reflects the rain of bullets. After the album was released, they performed on gigs in Germany and Italy in 2011, so Decaying Purity continues the way by proving its specific brutal death metal style! And the more unholy brutal death metal sound has come with their third studio album "Malignant Resurrection Of The Fallen Souls" that was released by Sevared Records in 2014. The artwork was made by Italian maniac Paolo Girardi.

Official Page

Facebook Page
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 30.06.2014 Saat: 19:27
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Kadikoy Abomination: SARINVOMIT
Kadikoy Abomination Necrosemen of Sarinvomit was embodied in the filthy streets of Kadikoy hell by the barbaric demons of Godslaying Hellblast, Impuration and two other ferocious godfucking demons in the early days of 2013. Sarinvomit is a medium through which Grandiose Baphomet emits his entropical sun-depleting will. We are bound to think and act in accordance with his great projection of complete deterioration and and transfer it into a form of mortal expression.

Including 4 brutal marches of Bestial Black/Thrash desecration, the first demo "Declaring The Supreme Profanity" was recorded in April 2013. Sarinvomit offers to bring the superior nuclear dominance, extermination of all the religions in the honor of Grandiose Baphomet and total annihilation of all races of parasitic mankind! "Declaring The Supreme Profanity" was released in tape by Headsplit Records of U.S.A. in November 2013!!! Sarinvomit declared the supreme satanic profanity with the first chemically engineered demo which includes 4 brutal marches of desecration!

The band recorded the second war desecration "Baphopanzers Of The Demoniacal Brigade" in March 2014. Including 5 tracks of total chemical madness, "Baphopanzers Of The Demoniacal Brigade" delivers demonic nuclear annihilation against all holiness!!!

Bandcamp Page

Facebook Page
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 30.06.2014 Saat: 19:03
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Kadikoy Abomination: IMPURATION
Kadikoy Abomination To present the disobedient rules of blasphemy, desecration, and pure hatred against all the religions, blind society and the world, the mission was to spread the demonic laws they embraced by vomiting the perverted noise that comes from the deepest cellars of the hell. This hatred is always the enemy of society that’s deceived by blinded fool beliefs they created for themselves. The intention is based on demolishing the divinities, and keeping relentless profane command. Founded in the end of 2010’s summer, Impuration’s ideas of total unholy destruction emerged as the blending of satanic black-thrash-death metal with evil punk inspirations under the key influences of the old devils such as Sarcofago, Sodom, Impaled Nazarene, Beherit, Demolition Hammer, Bathory, Venom and where the devil’s punk’n’roll hammer down such as Motörhead, Discharge, Anti Cimex with another troopers of the hell such as Bestial Mockery, Nocturnal Breed, Witchmaster. Including 6-tracks of perversion, scum and devil-worshipping metal, the first EP "Sanctities We Raped" was recorded in December, 2011. It was released as CD by French label Ars Funebris Records in February 2013. The same year it was also released in tape by Norwegian label Gravplass Propaganda.

Bandcamp Page

Facebook Page
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 30.06.2014 Saat: 18:44
(Read More... | 1645 byte kaldı | Puan: 5)
Kadikoy Abomination Under the blasphemic dominions of the demonic dogmas, their unholy noise violation and depravity occured to pulverize all the divinities by spreading the infernal flames with the devil’s real form they have been camouflaged behind it. Founded in the end of 2006’s summer in Kadiköy within the frame of the satanic procedures to spread the infernal evil, chaos, and hatred eternally. While Turkish scene has many idiot, poser crews under the "black metal" label, kicking their ass and impaling their idiotic and ridiculous ideas were done by Godslaying Hellblast’s exterminant fulmination which comes from their true devil worshipping. Burst of the earth and all the universe, annihilating the poor and fuckin’ humanity were the privileged important ideologies of the band. The first demo including a Von cover (“Lamb”) was released through Bolivian company Diabolous Productions in 2007.

In September, released through Final Blasphemy Record, the 4-way split called "TKM Deathsquad" was including the two tracks of each bands. The following year, they covered "Veinen" for the legendary band Von’s tribute album called "Sacrifice at the Altar of the Satanic Blood Angel: A Tribute to VON" that also included the bands like Blasphemophager, Necroholocaust, Beastcraft, Nuclearhammer. A deal with Legion of Death Records came, the result was the 7” vinyl named "From The Deepest Devilish Pits" that has both of outstanding production, and diseased sound of satanic black metal terrorism in the vein of worshipping to Bathory, Blasphemy, Beherit, Archgoat, Bestial Warlust. In 2011, they made two splits with Canadian blasphemic black metal demons Necroholocaust and French black/thrash metal band Manzer, there were more bestial black-death metal terror spawned.

Bandcamp Page

Facebook Page
Gönderen: Sodom Tarih: 30.06.2014 Saat: 18:25
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Kadikoy Abomination: DEGGIAL
Kadikoy Abomination Even though they aren't known well enough around the world yet, Deggial has been blissful poison to our turkish ears for years. For a scene that is so narrow and retarded (except for bands like Godslaying Hellblast, Burial Invocation and Decaying Purity), Deggial are a damn big milestone. This is the most brutal, soul-ripping and face-shredding Black Metal release that has ever been vomited in Turkey. This demo consists of four tracks in total, with one of them being a cover of "Buried by Time and Dust" by no band else than mighty MayheM!!! The songs are filled with that kind of extremely fast, brutal and skullcrushing insanity which you can only find in bands like Infernal War, mid-era Marduk and Urgehal. Sickening Black Metal tunes at it's best loaded to the brim with pace, hate and aggression.The production is very fucking hellish for a demo. The drumming is absolutely top-notch, the guy is playing it not only fast but also with a lot of groove. The riffs are reaking and dripping with the essence of pure evil and destruction-believe me, these songs are among the most evil and hateful songs that I've ever cone accross in my life. The bass is rather audible through-out the demo. And the vo-KILLS... Afreet is a demon straight outta hell, spitting forth blasphemies, hatred and total devastation. I've been lucky enough to watch him live once, and believe me, he's one of the most freaking-out and ruthless black metal vocalists of this entire world. His demonic voice will possess your soul and burn it to ashes in no time. And last but not least, there's this MayheM cover. If you think that it's a way too fast song, you shoul check out this cover. They've managed to play it even faster than the original, and when you hear it, you'll shit in your pants for sure. This immense pace and violence which is whipping your flesh and soul might as well be your final moment upon this earth. It is that lethal. To sum up things, I'd like to say that, this is one of the greates Black Metal demos that have been ever released, and I'm going as far as saying "if you're into Black Metal, you MUST have this demo; otherwise do us a favor and kill yourself!!!", it's that brilliant. GET IT !

Bandcamp Page

Facebook Page
Gönderen: Abomination Tarih: 30.06.2014 Saat: 18:19
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